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What does BAME stand for?  -

Black, Asian, Minority Ethnicity

What requirements do I need to take part in the project?

 18 - 30 yrs old and BAME woman


Why is this project specifically for BAME women?

Statistics show that BAME women are the most invisible individuals within UK society, facing both sexism and racial discrimination at many levels. This project aims to demonstrate a rich history of BAME women in the UK in order to empower BAME women in their everyday life and allow them to better understand their identity. The representation of BAME women within the creative industry is less than 10%, another aim of this project is to create a platform for BAME women to learn, demonstrate and improve their creative skills.


Where are you getting archive material from?

Museum of London, Black Cultural Archives, Feminist Library, The National Archives.


Who is this funded by?

National Lottery Heritage Fund


When was the exhibition?

October 2019


What is the need for this project?

The project will highlight that many women from different ethnic minorities were present and active during significant movements throughout London history, contrary to the slave narrative that is too often the only topic when studying history at school or in popular culture.


How did this project come about?

Colleagues Dowa Ojarikre and Sarah Buller felt there was huge lack of confidence amongst young BAME women that they had worked with in previous projects. They decided to create a project that would be fun, creative and promote empowerment and confidence by learning about the history of women in London that they would be able to relate to.

Who can attend the Exhibition?

Everyone is welcome to come and visit the exhibition, we aim for it to be a fun immersive space for the wider community to learn and experience something new.

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