About the Project

They Came Before Us: A History of Women of Colour in the UK (TCBU) project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund made possible with the money raised by National Lottery players. The project is run through Collage Arts a leading arts development, training and creative regeneration Charity based in the heart of Haringey’s Cultural Quarter.


The project aims to tackle the lack of history focused on women of colour within the UK specifically London and to encourage interaction from members of society that don't usually visit museums/galleries or feel represented in such spaces. The project also aims to challenge the traditional way the public currently interacts with Museums and Galleries, by making the project exhibition an interactive and immersive experience.


TCBU will focus on highlighting five women of colour that have had an impact throughout London history but have not gained the full recognition for their services or the impact they have made. Through learning and looking at archive material and also through five creative responses namely; Photography, Film, Set Design, Visual Art and Spoken Word. The stories of each of these five women will be paired with a creative response, and through a series of workshops the young women who take part will create the installations that will be included in the final exhibition. The five creative response workshops will be lead by the project coordinators and also an established creative within the required industry.